Hungarian Astrophotographers' Association

„Hungarian astrophotography is a unique, diverse and extremely high quality activity in the world, which represents a national value according to a sophisticated and accepted system of values. It was created and developed not by one person, but by a long, dedicated and complex pioneering work of members  of a community that requires in many cases a whole person and enormous sacrifices. That is why it is necessary to create an organization that protects and supports the values ​​of Hungarian astrophotography, which guards the cleanness and diversity of this creative activity, provides support and protection for creators, and  facilitates the promotion of astrophotography and the starry sky."

Founding members

The 14 founding members at the inaugural session on 5 April 2018. From left to right: Iván Éder, Patrik Tarczi, Rafael Schmall, Adrien Klamerius, Zoltán Tobler, András Papp, László Francsics, Gábor Tóth, László Bagi, János Varga, Zoltán Bach, Csilla Tepliczky, Marcell Csőke and Péter Feltóti.


Objectives and activities of the Association

The Hungarian Astrophotographers' Association is an organization created by Hungarian astrophotographers. Its aim is to bring photographers together who choose the starry sky as their subject, amateur astronomers, and all others who pursue any activities in Hungary, in which a photographic representation of the starry night sky takes place.

The Association provides a framework for the professional work of astrophotographers by creating the necessary guidelines and sharing community knowledge in an organized manner and with controlled content. Another goal of the Association is to have a positive effect on the development of the aesthetic values ​​of society.

Members of the Association endeavour to show our cosmic environment, the starry sky, also the authentic presentation of world, made available by the science of astronomy and amateur astronomers, as well as the introduction  of the opening cosmig world to a wider local and global audience via the tools of photography.

The Association carries out advocacy activities, co-operates with the communities of Hungarian astronomers and photographers, and aims to establish and maintain relations and cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations striving for similar goals, as well as astronomers and photographers living and working beyond our borders.

The members of the Association embrace the activities of all novice amateur astronomers who plan to use astronomical image capture devices to observe the sky, as well as photographers who choose to capture the sights of the sky as their subject. The Association wishes to provide an opportunity for their professional development and fulfillment in their work.

Identity and image

One of the main objectives of the Association is to built a community, and in this respect all our corporate images, the logo and the interface and build of our website have to serve and support this goal. The website – both IT- and graphics-wise –  is the valued work of programmer and physicist Peter Kiss. The emblem and the logo was designed by Dori Novotny, graphic artist.

The logo represents communal spirit and togetherness for us. The concept is based on the combination and organic interconnection between two things: astronomy and photography. Spiral galaxy, aperture or an eye – you can decide for yourself.


Our officials are experienced and committed astrophotographers, who undertook the bulk of creating social life and developing the technical background for astrophotography. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for beginners, whether experienced photographers or amateur astronomers, to get the benefits of the community, the technique and expertise that are otherwise difficult to access and to understand.